Manos and Nikolas Smyrlakis launched in 2013 a spirits company , the Finest Roots Spirits, specializing on re-inventing Greek Liqueurs.

Inspired by their journeys and old home remedy legends, they decided to create the first natural honey soda, and bottle the worlds’t oldest and most travelled recipe.

The true essence of ΝΟΜΑΔΑ. The natural ingredients, the perfect terroir, the heritage of the recipe itself, the travelling and maturation of the recipe in time .

In any way you see it, ΝΟΜΑΔΑ can be found everywhere. For us, the start was on the Aegean coast of Anatolia, where our grandmother passed this traditional treasure to our mother. We researched for more than three years to find the perfect balance of each ingredient that would enhance both the taste and the benefits of the recipe, the oldest home remedy in the world.