We’re making sustainability a part of everything we do and are committed to play an active part in protecting and preserving the natural environment, culture and doing as much good as we can along the way.

Our Tree of Life programme includes 31 criteria aligned with selected United Nations’ Global Sustainable Development Goals, as well as industry-specific targets. Divided into 4 levels of achievement targets across our hotels and resorts.


Through the programme each of our hotels & resorts is internally recognised
as they successfully implement initiatives.

Level 1

Acting towards sustainability with ban on vulnerable species, single use plastics and more initiatives.

Level 2

Initiatives with particular focus on reducing our carbon footprint, from water management to the elimination of waste and pivoting to use of alternative energy sources.

Level 3

What we consume can have a great impact, as our hotels work towards responsible consumption through local- and eco-sourcing.

Level 4

A sustainable future is not possible without people and community, at this level our hotels are working towards engaging with the community.